Command Area Development Program

Command Area Development Programme (CADP) is a centrally sponsored scheme being implemented in the state since 1974-75 and restructured in 2004-05 with the main objective of reducing the gap between irrigation potential created and that utilized. The programme aims at enhancing agricultural production & productivity in irrigated command area by judicious & equitable distribution of the available irrigation water with active involvement of farmers through participatory irrigation management (PIM).

When the scheme was launched this gap was around 15-20% which shows that despite the existing canal irrigation network, the network is not used qualitatively by farmers because of the following reasons:

1. Canals don’t carry enough water (Due to siltation, Low reservoir capacity, Problem of maintenance)

2. Distribution channels not created due to lack of on field activity such as land shaping, grading, leveling were not done due to lack of resources.

3. Unwillingness to farmers to use canal water because:
  • Lack of institutional, financial, extension services like training, education
  • Ease of groundwater use

4. Gap between available technology and Adoption.

Thus to overcome above barriers that CADP was launched with the objectives like enabling efficient use of water but eventually it graduated into a massive agricultural modernization program in India & it integrates all the backward & forward linkages in agriculture sector to generate marketable surplus and thus to take away farmers from subsistence farming through backward linkages and to enable farmers to get benefits of agricultural return through forward linkages.

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Immediate objectives:
• Desilting of reservoirs & canals

• Repairing of embankments of canal

• Updating the river basin hydrology which 

These are part of employment generation program in the creation of durable rural assets

• Launching of land development activities such as land fragmentation, land consolidation, tenureship, tenancy etc.

To enable the farmer for land development his poverty concerns should be taken off such as seeds, supply of credits, institutional lending, fertilizer subsidy etc. Farmers must get extension services like training, encouragement for generating commercialized market surplus and post harvest support like transportation, storage, marketing, appropriate pricing.

According to contemporary approaches, instead of supplying water, we also must adapt to existing water such as choosing right crop.

Thus started with such a micro level, the CADP has assumed massive shape that demands interdepartmental & inter-ministerial coordination along with the entire range backward & forward linkages. Thus it is becoming unmanageable with high leakages, problem of implementation and problem of monitoring & field execution which can only be solved with integrated & cumulative approach.

Government of India also launched an MSP (Minimum Support Price) scheme where government ensures a farmer a minimum support price in case the market condition falls down miserably for which govt. has established Abhijit Sen Committee to assess the long term grain policy of India to determine the rationale of MSP.

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