Locational factors of Fertilizer industry in India

Indian soils are generally deficient in fertilizing elements namely NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, hence do not give high yield. It is therefore essential to feed these soils with the chemical fertilizers so that their productivity increases. The significant contribution made by the chemical fertilizers can be seen from the impact of green revolution on Indian agriculture.

Localisation: The localization of fertilizer industry is closely related to petrochemicals. About 70% of the plants producing nitrogeneous fertilizers use neptha as the basic raw material. This is why most of the fertilizer plants are located near oil refineries.

Some fertilizer plants draw their feed stock from steel slug as well as coke and lignite. Phosphatic fertilizer plants are primarily dependent upon mineral phosphate which is available in UP, MP and Rajasthan. Sulphur is another important mineral used for manufacturing fertilizers. That is available in TN.

During recent years, ease of transport through HBJ gas pipeline and rail has facilitated diversification of this industry at Vijaypur, Jagdalpur, Aonla, Gadipan, Babrala and Shahjahanpur.

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Growth and distribution: The modest beginning w.r.t. manufacturing of chemical fertilizers was made in 1906 when first super-phosphate factory was set up at Ranipet in TN. The active growth of fertilizer industry is mainly a post independence phenomenon. Gujrat, UP, TN, Maharshtra, Punjab, Kerala are the main fertilizer producing states.

Today this industry is one of the basic industries which has taken a rapid strides in recent years. India is now 3rd largest producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the world. But at the same time, India is also the 3rd largest consumer of fertilizers in the world.

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