How to start with polity

Informally you can divide polity in 4 portions:

1. Evolution of constitution in India, this process continues from regulating act of 1773-1947, this process was accelerated from 1909 Morley-Minto reforms and 1946 when constitution formation started.

2. Questions related to constitution assembly itself – fact based questions- e.g. who was chairman of constituent assembly (Rajendra Prasad), who was chairman of drafting committee (Ambedkar), or when constitution was signed

3. Questions related to content of constitution e.g.

(a) Fundamental rights, fundamental duties, DPSP – directive principle of state policy.

(b) Various institutions/bodies defined in constitution e.g. Election commission art-324, UPSC, CAG, Governor

(c) Finance bill, money bill, difference b/w ordinary bill and money bill, what is amendment, consolidation fund, contingency fund

(d) Status of various bills based upon rights of Loksabha & Rajyasabha

4. Current happenings e.g. Lokpal (The Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill 2013) 

Try questions here.

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