Causes for popular dissatisfaction with the police

Causes for popular dissatisfaction with the police:

Issue is not whether all of these are absolutely true or not but whether they exist in the public mind and whether there is any justification for them.

1. Police are the principal violators of the law and they get away with impunity.

2. Some sections of the police are in league with anti-social elements. Consequently they indulge in selective enforcement of law.

3. Police exhibit rude behaviour, abusive language and contempt towards courts and human rights; they indulge in all forms of corruption.

4. Depending on socio-cultural status, economic power and political influences of people who approach them, police adopt differential attitudes, violating equality and human dignity.

5. Police is ignorant of human rights and disregard them in the matters of arrest, interrogation, searching, detention and preventive policing.

6. While crimes are getting sophisticated, the police are becoming less professional. There is no evidence of collective desire within the police organisation to redeem the public image.

7. Given the dismal record of prevention an successful investigation of crimes, the police lack accountability in protection of life and property.

Therefore, there is decreasing reliance on the state police and increasing dependence on private police, private detective agencies and protection from mafia-gangs or self-help. ‘Senas’ (private armies) are being trained and armed to defend particular interests – legal or illegal. The State is silent spectator in the rise of such power centres attempting to control the lives of people in different areas. The rule of law is being undermined and people’s faith in the police has been eroded.

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