Chief Secretary VS Cabinet Secretary

There is no any official at the central level which can be compared to the chief secretary of a state. Discuss.

There is no office in the union govt. which can be equated to that Chief Secretary of state. To some extent at central level Cabinet Secretary can be called as counterpart of Chief Secretary. However the functions performed by the Chief Secretary are much wider than Cabinet Secretary.

1. Both are chief advisor to their chief executive.

2. Both are secretary to their respective cabinet.

3. Both are administrative heads of their secretariat.

4. Both are head of their respective civil services.

5. Both supervise and implement the decisions of their respective cabinet.

6. Both are chief coordinator of their respective administration.

1. The powers and functions of Chief Secretary are much more than that of Cabinet Secretary.

2. The Chief Secretary is the chief of the state secretariat but Cabinet Secretary is not chief of central secretariat.

3. The Chief Secretary is the administrative head of state secretariat but Cabinet Secretary is not administrative head of Cabinet Secretariat.

4. Chief Secretary enjoys the residual powers in the matters which do not fall under the purview if other secretaries. At central level this function is performed by Principal Secretary to the PM who is the administrative head of PMO.

5. Some departments of the state secretariat are directly under the charge of Chief Secretary while no dept. of Central Secretariat is under the direct charge of Cabinet Secretary except the Cabinet Secretariat.

6. At the state level Chief Secretary performs the functions of Cabinet Secretary, Personal Secretary, Home Secretary and Finance Secretary. At the state level there is no chief minister office like PMO. So this function is also performed by Chief Secretary. He combines the functions of PMO, Cabinet Secretary and Central Secretary at the state level.

It can be said that Chief Secretary in terms of functions and powers is more powerful than his central govt. counterpart but Cabinet Secretary performs functions which have greater national implications while Chief Secretary’s role is restricted to the state level only.

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