Effectiveness of e-governance depends on technological development. Examine.

Effectiveness of e-governance depends on technological development. Examine.

e-governance refers to government’s use of technology particularly web based internet applications to enhance the access to and delivery of govt. services to citizens, employees, govt. entities and other stakeholders.

Conventional use of prefix ‘e’ suggests that an activity is electronic or digital in nature. But the key word in e-gov is not ‘e’ but the ‘governance’.  E-gov should be regarded as alternative and complementary approach to govt. administration and service delivery as well as a means to redefine way it interacts with citizens.

In this sense ‘e’ means-  efficiency, empowerment, enhanced services, economic and social development.

But this empowerment process is hindered by lack of advancement of technology. For e.g. only the effective record keeping can ensure the effectiveness of revolutionary laws like RTI.  Effectiveness of PDS system, MGNREGA payments, inclusion of rural India in financial system can be made possible by use of technology. Effectiveness of which is dependent on success of UIDAI project which is again a technology dependent time taking project.

Although we have some successful projects like IRCTC online ticket booking system, Online tax filing system, Bhoomi (Karnatak land record system), Lokvani (Bihar RTI),  Gyandoot , SARAL but the outcome of most of rural area based e-projects like e-chaupal, e-mandi  is not encouraging due to poor connectivity of internet in rural India.

Other ambitious projects like NKN (National Knowledge Network to connect all universities), CCTNS (Crime and criminal control tracking network system to connect all police stations of the country) are meeting the same fate due to lack of technology development.

Thus can be easily said that the real potential of e-gov can be felt only when technology hindrance are taken care of.

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