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High morale is not the guarantee of high production, though high morale is needed for the maximization of production. Examine.

Morale has been defined as a state of mind and emotions, affecting the attitude and willingness to work but high morale does not automatically leads to high degree of production. As there are other important factors too which are critical for production.

Man, material and machine are very basic inevitable factors to run an organisation. In today’s competitive ‘Just In Time’ environment supply chain management is also very critical to organisation’s success. Any compromise with quality, quantity and right timing will end up in low production.

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Inefficient methods: As Taylor propounded in his scientific management theory that inefficient working methods leads to inefficiency. So lack of training, lack of standard procedures and following rule of thumb are another reason which impact production even if employees have high morale.

Ecological Impact: There are other intangible factors also which impact the production. Fred Riggs in ecological approach of organisation observes that an organisation is an open system which is in continuous interaction with its socio-political and economic environment. Both environment and organisation influence each other which in turn effect the production. So any change in socio-political-economic condition will also affect organisation’s productivity.

Dependence on IT:  In today’s era of globalization, organisations are being more and more dependent on IT based system. This system is helpful in fast processing and retrieving the information but at the same time IT network is vulnerable to many technical as well as cyber attack issues which impact the production adversely.

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Other than above discussed limitations, there are some issues which are beyond organizational control. e.g. Recent power grid failure which left half of the country without electricity, excess/less monsoon, riots, floods may result in poor production. Nothing substantial can be done in such exceptional scenarios.

Hence it can be concluded that morale is necessary but not the sufficient condition for high production.

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