Major problems faced by Police force in India

Major problems faced by Police force in India are:

1. Police force is over burdened especially at lower levels where constabulary is forced to work continuously 14-16 hrs and also for 7 days a week. It adversely impacts their performance.

2. The weaponary used by police force at lower level is obsolete and can’t match with the modern weaponary used by anti-social elements.

3. Training methods have been outdated and aspects of human rights are largely ignored in training modules.

4. Inspite of recommendations of various commissions crime investigation has not been separated from maintenance of law & order.

5. Criminalization of politics and politicization of crime have multiplied the problems of police force as they are not in position to curb the crime in effective manner.

6. The dual command at district and state levels have resulted in the problem of co-ordination between the civil servants and police officials because of ego clashes and inconceivable personal differences.

7. Politicization of a police force is a biggest problem as it affects the autonomy of police force making them to subserve the interests of political executive at the cost of ordinary citizens.

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8. Lack of co-ordination between centre and states is matter related to maintenance of law & order results in ineffective functioning of police force.

9. CID at the state level have failed to perform because of political cases filed by the ruling parties against their opponents and because of excessive political interference by political executive.

10. Judicial reforms have not been effective as most of the criminals are not punished for the crime they committed.

11. Police force is not in the position to tackle present problems of cyber crime, global terrorism, naxalism because of structural weaknesses.

12. The pay scales of police personnel especially at the lower levels are very low and they are forced to adopt corrupt means to earn their livelihood.

13. Training of police officials is heavily biased in favour of higher level officials. 94% of the total training expenditure on IPS officers.

14. Prevalence of Rank system within the police force results in abuse of power by top level executive over lower level personnel.

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