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PS: Article written by: A banker who is Civil Service aspirant and has worked in top IT MNCs.

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Congratulations to all of you, who cleared the first hurdle of written exam. It’s time for interview now.

Before following a standard approach for interview preparation, you must understand-
No two people are same, so the interview.

That means, if an aspirant is asked a particular question that does mean that you would be asked the similar questions or related to the same field. 

But yes, broad approach to handle a banking job interview remains the same.

In this article, I will discuss that in which direction you should prepare. Part-2 of this article with handling micro level queries will come soon.


IBPS has not declared marks of written exam for the successful candidate. This has resulted in level playing. Now you can’t relax even if you expect good marks. And the aspirants who had the reaction after the written result ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe this, how did I clear the cut-off? Party.......’ also have equal possibilities to clear the interview.

So prepare well. Hope you know, how expected marks vary in aptitude exams by couple of silly mistakes.


Weightage of Written and Interview marks is 80:20

Anybody who has cleared written has equal opportunity to clear the interview. There are so many aspirants who score well in written exam, they can clear aptitude exam even if writing in sleep but collapse the moment they have to face the interview. And there are other players who are really good in personal interaction but lack in written exams.


There might be many aspirants who are not enthusiastic about joining bank. I would suggest even if you don’t want to join bank, go for interview. A real life interview is always a good learning experience which you can implement in your target exam interview.


After the formal greeting, the very frequently asked introductory questions an aspirant face are:
1. Tell me about yourself, your education background.
        Mention your name, place, education background, work experience if working somewhere

2. Why do you want to join a bank?
Be ready for it.
(Feel free to discuss these questions in Comments section of this page)


If you are interested in bank job (or getting a job somehow) and feeling uncomfortable about your profile as you are an engineer, science graduate, MCA or having some other non-commerce degree:

Stop feeling uncomfortable about it. Face the reality with bold face.
I know your friends are posting their cool photos of their onsite visit on Facebook and you are envy of them sometime. But believe me, banking too have a lot of last opportunity of growth. Public prestige of a bank manager is definitely high.


Yes, I am an engineer. I could not get a job in my specialisation, so what? Life does not end here, I can still be a banker, no issue at all. 
Interviewers do not belong to some distant planet. They belong to the same society. They are experienced people, they also know the ground reality of job market in India.

Important thing is how you handle such questions:
1. Why do you want to join bank after being an engineer?
2. How your education (specially non-commerce background) will help bank? 
3. Whatever you have studied so far is not going to be used in banking, are you still interested in banking?
4. Why are coming to govt sector when you already have a job in private sector?

Be well prepared for such questions.

Obviously the truth is that you did not get a job in your core stream so you applied for IBPS, and because you are good in solving aptitude questions, you are in position of facing interview now.

Q: So why do you want to join bank after being an engineer?
Ans: Sir, I am jobless. Forget about engineering. You are talking about bank PO, I can do any job as long as it includes decent money and position. 

But will it be good idea to tell this story in flat tone?  

Interviewers also know this thing but your job is to prepare these questions in advance and reply diplomatically and sugar coated manner.

(Feel free to discuss these questions in Comments section of this page. I will consolidate the best of all answers in a post.)

So now, you have made up your mind that I will face the bank interview with full confidence and there is nothing wrong about my profile, I will prepare questions related to my profile in advance and will present shortcomings in positive manner.

Guilt is over. Its time for gear up.

Type of questions often asked:
1. Questions related to your profile

a. Meaning of your name, your hobbies, profession of your parents.

b. Speciality of your native place.

c. Name of your college/university, why less marks in particular class? Favourite subject? 

d. What do you want to become?

e. Questions related to your current job- what is your profile there, what kind of duties you perform, why do you want to leave that organisation, what are good and bad things about that organisation

f. Why do you want to join bank? How your educational qualification will help in growth?

g. Why do you want come to banking sector while your educational qualification is entirely different? Why so many engineers are joining banking sector?

2. Questions related to economy: 

a. Various concepts and full forms are asked e.g. what are NPA, CASA, CTS, IFSC, RTGS, NEFT, CRR, SLR, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, MSF, FDI, FII, CIBIL, GDP, PPP etc? Check Economic Abbreviations Here

b. Work of RBI? What is Monetary policy? What do you mean by fiscal policy?

c. What is the work of a bank?

d. What is inflation? How is it controlled? Is inflation good or bad?

e. Difference between cheque and draft? RTGS and NEFT? Credit card and Debit Card? Saving account and Current account?

f. What is KYC? Why is it important?

g. What do you mean by financial inclusion? How does it help in country's growth?

h. What is the growth rate of India's GDP? How much is India's GDP? What is the position of India in the world in terms of GDP?

3. Questions related to current affairs: 

a. What is happening new in banking industry? e.g. you should be aware about white label ATM, new banking licenses, RuPay debit card features, benefits of Cheque Truncation System (CTS).

b. What is the growth rate of banking sector in India?

c. What is Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna? Is it a good scheme? Tell me some good and bad things about it? Is there any other such scheme? Do you think it will be successful? What are the benefits to people and what are the benefits to govt through this scheme? How much is life and accidental insurance? How much is OD facility? What is Overdraft facility?

d. Why bank employees were on strike recently? What is your opinion about it? Do you think bankers are low paid? If yes, why do you want to join bank then?

e. What is 'Make in India' campaign? Benefits? Its impact on banking sector and on whole country?

f. Why Sahara is in jail? What has he done? What is the case of Kingfisher-Vijay Mallaya?

g. What do you mean by black money? How is it generated? Do you think, India can bring black money from foreign banks?

h. What is NPA? What NPA is increasing for public sector bank? What could be the remedy?

4. Situation specific question:

a. A person comes to your bank, he is not satisfied with your service, how will you convince him?

b. Even after best of your efforts to convince him, he is still furious and giving example of service of some private sector bank, what will you do?

c. What do you think is management? Difference between leader and manager? How will you convince villagers to open account in your bank? For this leadership is required or management?

d. Your clerk staff is not working upto the mark,  how will you handle this situation?

e. Which bank will you prefer to open your account? Private or Public? Which one is better private sector bank or public sector bank? Why? Positive-negative of both?

f. In which bank you have an account? What do you think should be changed there to improve customer service?

g. Why do you think, public sector banks are often called inefficient? What can be changed to improve the customer service?

h. I notice most of IT sector employees open account in private sector bank, what public sector banks should do attract such customers?

5. Questions to check your interest in working in banking sector:

a. Are you comfortable with transferable job? 

b. Salaries are less in banking sector compare to central govt jobs, still want to join banking?

c. There so many opportunities in private sectors too, why do you want to come to bank?

d. During your banking career, you need to spend many years in villages. In fact, it is mandatory to serve at least 3 years in rural branches to become eligible for your first promotion, are you comfortable with it?

Feel free to post your suggestions, comments, questions in comment box. Preferably copy the question and post the answer in comment box.

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