Geography Notes: Civil Service Mains

Guys, sharing with you my own notes of Public Administration and Geography. I appeared in Mains 2012 (Public Administration, Geography) and Mains 2013 (Public Administration).

All of my notes are not in ready to post condition as of now. I will keep digitalizing and posting on this page.

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Full Geography Mains syllabus and recommended books.

Paper - I
Principles of Geography Physical Geography:

3. Oceanography:  coral bleaching

Human Geography:

1. Perspectives in Human Geography:  Quantitative revolution

2. Economic Geography:  the limits to growth

3. Population and Settlement Geography: concepts of over-under-and optimum population, Concepts of primate cityRural - urban fringe;

4. Regional Planning: Growth centres and growth poles;

5. Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography: MalthusianMarxian and demographic transition models,  Heartland and Rimland theories;


Paper – II   Geography of India

1. Physical Setting: Drainage system and watersheds

3. Agriculture:  fertilizerssericultureapiculture 

4. Industry: Locational factors of  jute, fertilizer pharmaceutical industries, Tourism including eco -tourism.

5. Transport, Communication and Trade: pipeline networks and their complementary roles in regional developmentGrowing importance of ports on national and foreign trade; Indian space programme  

6. Cultural Setting:  Population problems and policies;

7. Settlements: Morphology of Indian cities;

8. Regional Development and Planning: Command area developmentmulti-level planning;

9. Political Aspects: Geographical basis of Indian federalism

10. Contemporary Issues:  desertification and soil erosion; Problems of agrarian and industrial unrest

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