Public Administration Notes: Civil Service Mains

Guys, sharing with you my own notes of Public Administration and Geography. I appeared in Mains 2012 (Public Administration, Geography) and Mains 2013 (Public Administration).

All of my notes are not in ready to post condition as of now. I will keep digitizing and posting on this page.

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Paper - I : Administrative Theory

2. Administrative Thought: Simon’s decision-making theory;

4. Organisations: Public - Private Partnerships (Hand written).

5. Accountability and control: Voluntary organizationsCivil societyCitizen’s Charters

11. Techniques of Administrative Improvement: Management aid tools like network analysis, MISPERTCPM.

12. Financial Administration: Public borrowings 

Paper - II : Indian Administration

1. Evolution of Indian Administration: Kautilya’s Arthashastra; Mughal administration (Hand written notes);

2. Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government: 

4. Union Government and Administration:  Ministries and Departments; 

6. State Government and Administration: Union-State administrative, legislative and  financial relations; Governor; Chief Secretary

13. Law and Order Administration: Criminalisation of politics and administration;

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